Tori Spelling revealed in her new book that she recorded a sex tape with her husband Dean McDermott on Valentine's Day 2009, and one of Dean's so called "friends" later claimed to have copied the file from Dean's comp. The 40-year-old actress and reality star reveals in her candid new book Spelling It Like It Is, that 'Dean said, "We should tape ourselves having sex," she writes in her book. 'He had a little portable tripod, and he set up his video camera on it. 'Afterward, I checked my angles and they were good so I allowed him to keep it. He uploaded it to our computer at home… without password protection.A biker 'friend' of theirs had somehow found the tape on Dean's computer and copied it. The 'so-called friend was attempting to sell it to entertainment shows or anyone who would pay the right price,' writes Tori. 'I was horrified.'The incensed couple then sent the man in question some kind of legal letter but he never responded. Steamy indeed! for the Torii Spelling Sex tape!

Tori Spelling and Dylan McDermitt have a sex tape and we have a copy of the rarely seen leaked sex tape!. Throughout the romp, the pair allegedly kiss and interact like any married couple in love. After trying out various positions Tori starts to rreally get down and dirty ! She does some things even we were shocked to see! Dylan is said to be aware he is being filmed because he not only set up the camera on a tripod, but also looks directly into the device at the end of the video with a huge grin on his face. These sex videos that seem to make their way online baffle everybody, but for some reason these celebs keep recording their sexual adventures. Don't miss out on the hardcore Tori Spelling Sex Tape! Check out for the kanye west Sex tape!

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